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Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards

Worldwide Financial Adviser Awards publishes magazines reporting on legal advisory and consulting firms all over the world.

We have a readership of 74000 people and its growing everyday, we also currently have 92,500 online subscribers in 159 countries.

Our Headquarters are in the UK

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards selects the best professional & financial institutions from around the world and showcases there work ethic and skills within their area of expertise.

The Awards Magazine is aimed at not just the large corporations but the smaller companies of the advisory business sector.

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards is currently being read by Lawyers, Advisers, Consultants and corporate executives.

We aim to showcase every company individually and to its full potential.

At Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards we aim to provide our clients and customers with the best service possible, whether that’s publishing fantastic editorials or hand engraved trophies we strive to make a great and everlasting positive impression.

At Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards we select certain companies that we think have exceeded above and beyond to receive special FREE advertising pages within our awards magazine for up to 6 months.

For any advertising questions feel free to contact us, we would love to hear from you.

WFAAMAG.co.uk offers analysis, articles and awards that are second to none within the industry and prides itself on honesty and input from its readers


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